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Volume 30, Number 3 - January 22, 2018

Happy Monday. Here is the latest from the Department of Communication.

The College of Arts and Sciences has a number of scholarships available for returning students. Here are some that might be of interest to Comm students:

Wilma Shaw Roseman Award: for full-time undergraduate students with substantial financial need and evidence of strong motivation to complete a degree. Minimum award is $3000; number of awards varies.

Comm-Announce 2018-01-16

Volume 30, Number 2  - January 16, 2018

Late again this week because of the snow. Hope you had a good holiday on Monday and a good snow day. A few news notes for you this week from the Department of Communication and Comm-Announce including help with your speeches and entrance into graduate school.


Communication Course in Winter Term Enables Hard-Working Student to Graduate

Here is a story about a student who used the new Winter Term to complete his degree by taking Communication 201.  Mark Hebert did a feature article on Jalen Townsend that is worth taking a look it.  Check it out at


A day late and a dollar short, happy '18! Welcome back to Comm-Announce, the weekly newsletter for U of L Communication students. Information on our archives, winter weather cancellations, and new internship opportunities are coming at you.

Given this morning's weather, the University wants to remind you of procedures for school closings and delays. For a list of the different types of severe weather announcements that UofL employs, go to:

Karen Freberg: Life with Spectables as a Social Media Professor


By Karen Freberg, Ph.D.

I tell my students all the time I have three weaknesses: coffee, shoes, and technology. I have always tried to integrate as much technology into my work, research, and teaching as possible. So, when Snapchat announced their latest venture into the camera sector with Spectacles, I was beyond excited.