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We are introducing a new minor in Film Studies and Production

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Welcome New Communication Major!

Wait, are you are in fact a Communication major? If you have not received a letter from the Chair of the Department welcoming you, then you are not a major. To receive that letter you must first fill out an Application for Major form. Until you have been accepted as a major by the Department you will NOT be able to get advised by the department. You will need to continue to use the advising center.

Assuming you have been accepted as a major, you now need to establish contact with your advisor. It is easy. If you are a new transfer to UofL then you want to contact Professor Leichty. If you are a "regular" student who has been at UofL and has just recently become a major, then you need to get in touch with Professor Ashlock. Click on the appropriate button below to send a note to the right advisor. If you have a question or comment you need to send to an advisor then edit the sample text that is already there and then hit "Send Mail".

UofL is the only college I have ever attended and I am a new Communication major.
I recently transferred to UofL and have not yet seen an advisor in the Comm Dept.

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