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Maples Media LLC // Forward Kentucky Internship


Maples Media LLC // Forward Kentucky
2108 Westridge Rd
Louisville, KY 40242


Bruce Maples



(502) 664-1910



Flexible, depending on interests of student: RESEARCH -- Using a number of open-source and paid resources to do research for stories, including creating timelines, cross-referencing items in multiple sources, digging into social media, and so on. REPORTING -- Gathering facts related to a story, including both online sources and interviews, and putting those facts into a coherent story. Could be feature-style interviews with newsmakers, or hard-news stories about current events. Depending on interest and time, could also be long-form story (or stories) about a given topic. NOTE -- Both of the above are circumscribed by our target niche: policy, politics, politicians, and governance in Kentucky. NOTE -- One person could apply to do both, if desired. These do not have to be separate positions, but can be.


RESEARCH – Ability to not only answer the thesis question, but to realize and answer the follow-up questions. Ability to link disparate data points and discovered items into a coherent whole. Ability to use spreadsheets for numeric and financial information. REPORTING – Ability to write clearly, succinctly, and with the appropriate style. Ability to write inverted pyramid when appropriate, and story-telling feature style when appropriate. Ability to organize a story so that it flows well for the reader. Solid grammar and spelling skills. BOTH – Ability to work independently, but to also know when help or approval is needed. Willingness to take criticism or guidance, but also to put forward their own opinion and viewpoint.

How to Apply

Email to above address with the following points: – What sort of work you want to do – Why you want to do it at Forward Kentucky – What you hope to get out of it – A sample of your work in the area(s) you are interested in


Spring Summer



Non-paid internship