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Katherine Taylor at work

Katherine Taylor hard at work directing the Gen Ed Program

Professor Futrell and Pupy

Professor Futrell and Pupy hang out at Marley's Restaurant on Isla Grande

Bob and two women

Professor St. Clair telling war stories to whoever will listen

Margaret Semester at Sea

Professor D'Silva shows some highlights of her semester at sea.

Karen's Other Career

Some folks may not realize that Professor Freberg has another career....


Students take a break from partying to salsa dance on the street

Professors Walker and Hart

Professors Walker and Hart on one of their many service learning trips

Selene and Bev

Four hardcore party animals crashing an event

Professor Leichty meditating

Professor Leichty meditating prior to conducting class

Roly and Fabio

Roly and Fabio, dos amigos de panama


Louisville's favorite actress

Al and Maria

Discussing classes with Maria Alejandra

Mary and Keneka

Save my love for loneliness

Example Frame
  • Study Abroad in Panama. You can either go with a group in May or do summer school there on your own!

  • Service Learning is hot. Don't be left out.

  • Contact Professor Steve Sohn for details on the Masters program.

  • We are adding new courses each semester, so check out our new offerings.

  • If you are tired of face-to-face courses, don't hesitate to try a Distance Education course. Convenient and flexible.

  • Take a look at the new internships we have available!

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