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We are introducing a new minor in Film Studies and Production

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Jennifer Gregg at home

Jennifer Gregg at new home in Boston -- gone but not forgotten

Yi Jasmine Wang

Tourista Professor Wang playing cool on holiday

Joy and Lindsay

Professors Hart and Della no doubt telling tales about colleagues

Margaret Semester at Sea

Professor D'Silva shows some highlights of her semester at sea.

Karen's Other Career

Some folks may not realize that Professor Freberg has two careers....

Internship Fair

Students at Communication Internship Fair discussing internships with local vendors and agencies

Professors Walker and Hart

Professors Walker and Hart on one of their many service learning trips

Selene and Bev

Four hardcore party animals crashing an event

Study Abroad Students

Study abroad students in Panama mingling with some Colombian students

Lauren Lewis as Homecoming Queen

Comm major Lauren Lewis is named homecoming queen


Louisville's favorite actress

Al and Maria

Discussing the Panamanian program with Maria Alejandra

Ralph with The Greatest

Ralph Merkel hanging out with The Greatest a few years ago

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Welcome to Spring 2017!!!

Check out the new Film Studies and Production Minor

The interdisciplinary Film Studies and Production minor is designed to explore the powerful medium of film through courses in interpretation and in application. Students who complete the minor have knowledge of the history of the film industry, knowledge of major approaches to film criticism and theory, and proficiency in screenwriting, cinematography, sound recording, and editing. These interpretive and production skills enable our graduates to negotiate a world drenched in visual narratives.

Find out more on the Film Studies and Production website:

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Important Dates for Spring Semester 2017

  • Last day of classes Apr. 24, 2017 (Mon)
  • Reading day Apr. 25, 2017 (Tues)
  • Final exams Apr. 26-May 2, 2017 (Wed-Tues)
  • Commencement/degree date May 13, 2017 (Sat)

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